How is the vaccine made? How does it work?

 What is Vaccine?

 How is the vaccine made?

 How does the vaccine work?

 There are many similar questions that roam in our mind, and we want to know all of them.  So let us bring some information about the vaccine for you.  Do read it.

 Vaccine , it is such a substance that is made by using only an organism's body, and its use increases the immunity of the body.

 Viruses are cultured in culture medium to make the vaccine.  After this, a solution of these viruses is made in a suitable solution.  If the virus is weak then there is no problem, otherwise it is made dead by boiling in hot water at 60 °C temperature.  The proper solution must contain a certain number of viruses.  For this, the amount of the solution is increased to a certain number of viruses in it.  After this, appropriate tests are done, after successful in various stages of testing, it is widely made available in the market for vaccination.

 The main purpose of vaccination is to build up a prophylactic antibody in the body without causing disease.  Antibodies are produced as soon as dead microbes that are unable to cause disease enter the body.  If antibodies cannot be made by dead microbes, then in such cases live microbes are used.

 In this process, the aggressive power of living microbes is weakened and they are first neutralized, so that they do not have the pathogenic potential, but the immunity-making power remains.  The toxin of the microbes that can produce the toxin is used in vaccines by relaxing it with formalin.  This type of formalin affected toxin is called Toxoid.  Therefore, to produce a prophylactic antibody, a dead germ, a sterile germ or a virus, is used by inoculation.  The liquid used for prophylactic vaccines.  It's called a vaccine.  It is actually a suspension of dead or inactivated microbes.  Phenol or any other bactericidal substance is added to it so that the purity of the vaccine is maintained.

 Finally the vaccine is filled in the boiler and sealed with a sterile stopper.  and distributed with proper temperature for widespread use.

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