Ice cream after dinner: messing with health

We often eat ice cream sometimes after eating, and in the summer, eating ice cream after the night is said to be a normal thing.  But do you guys know that by eating ice cream immediately after eating, we harm our health.  how ?  Let's try to understand it.
What to do after eating icecream .

When to eat icecream after meal.

 Most of you will know that when a chemical reaction occurs, if it has a high temperature, then the reaction is very good.  Now you guys must be wondering why I am talking these science things in the case of ice cream.  What is the relationship with this?

 So it is concerned.  If you read the whole blog carefully, you will understand.  Actually, we talk about acids here. For an acid to react, the normal temperature needs to be higher than 25 ℃, at this temperature the reaction rate is normal.

 So you must know that there is an acid in our stomach for digestion of food.  HCl.  When food enters our stomach, this acid in the stomach works with food and breaks it into small pieces.  Normal temperature of human body is about 37 ℃.  So at this temperature the digestion of food is done well.

 Now, what happens when we eat ice cream immediately after having a meal,

 Let us tell you what happens -


 When we eat ice cream immediately after eating, the temperature inside our stomach rapidly decreases.  And when the temperature is low, the acid that works for digestion of food inside the stomach is not able to perform its function properly and digestion of food is not done well.  Now if there is no digestion of food then indigestion will go towards our intestines.  It may be that they do the work of damaging our intestines.  If there is no digestion of food, then there will be pain in our stomach.  The body will not get proper nutrients and the body will become weak.  We will often be sick.  Which will cause us many other problems.

 So now you must have understood how much harm is caused by eating ice cream immediately after eating.  If you feel like eating ice cream, then eat ice cream only after 1 hour of eating.

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