Air Pollution

Air, without which life is not possible.  Air is the main component of our environment in nature.  Life is possible on the whole earth only because of air.

 Various components are found in air in a certain quantity.  Generally speaking, air is a mixture of several types of gases.  It contains about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and about 1% other gases.  Other gases include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, helium, neon, argon, and other gases.

 At present, due to human activities, the proportion of these gases found in air is changing, which is dangerous for human beings as well as other organisms.  This is what is called air pollution.

 In simple words, we can say that - "The undesirable change in the ratio of various components present in the air is called air pollution."

 Air pollution increases the amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere.  In general, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of sulfur, oxides of nitrogen, lead oxides are harmful gases.  which we call pollutants.  Apart from all this, CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon) is also a major pollutant gas, which comes out from refrigerators.  Due to the increase in the amount of all these gases in the air, there is a problem in breathing.

 Due to human activities, the amount of these gases increases in the atmosphere and the beneficial gas, oxygen, decreases, and the air becomes polluted.

 In modern times, many factories have been established, the air is getting polluted due to the smoke coming out of the factory.  Smoke from vehicles, in which the amount of lead oxide is high, is a poisonous gas.  It is also increasing in the atmosphere.  The amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere is also increasing due to indiscriminate cutting of forests, forest fires, natural disasters like volcanoes.

 Continuously breathing polluted air can cause serious respiratory diseases.  Today, diseases like asthma, asthma are becoming common even in young people.  There is a risk of getting diseases like headache, burning in the eyes, chest pain, etc.  Due to excessive poisonous gas, there is also a risk of getting a dreadful disease like cancer.  If the amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere increases, then the ozone layer also gets depleted.  These harmful gases are also the cause of acid rain.  The cause of greenhouse effect is also air pollution.  We will discuss about them further.

 To reduce air pollution, we have to emphasize more and more tree plantation program.  Forests have to be increased and they also have to be protected.  By planting more and more trees, we can increase the amount of oxygen in the air.  Apart from this, we also have to limit the use of such means which are more prone to pollution.  Use of personal vehicles for work and use of public vehicles more.  Arrangements will have to be made to clean the smoke coming out of the factory.


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