New Education Policy 2020: What is special for teachers

 Nowadays the discussion of the new education policy 2020 is everywhere and the teacher community is in a lot of confusion that the process of transfer has been completely stopped in this policy.  While this is not the case, we present it to you after thorough study.  We explain in detail what is in this policy for teachers, after which you will get the answers to all your questions yourself.  Let's see what is special about teachers in it ------- 
Teachers really shape the future of children, they create the future of the nation.  Teachers have been respected since ancient times, and only the most learned people became teachers.  Teacher education, recruitment, posting, service conditions, teachers' rights are not as they should be. 
 The following suggestions are given in this education policy for teachers to solve this problem and increase educational quality. 
 Recruitment and posting 

 🔴 Only the best  Only students can come as teachers, especially in rural areas.  For this, a National Scholarship will also be approved, approving the 4-year B.Ed program.  The specialty of this course will be that the one who successfully completes it will also be given assured employment at the local level. 

 🔴 Teachers to teach in rural areas  Will be encouraged for  This incentive will be given by providing them accommodation facility in or around the school premises or by increasing their residential allowance. 

 🔴  Excessive teachers  The transfer will be banned so that it remains connected to its community.  The transfers will be done by the State Governments in very special circumstances through the prescribed procedure.  The transfers will be done through an online process to maintain transparency in the transfer process. 

 🔴 Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) will be expanded.  Right now it is only up to primary and junior which will be developed up to secondary level.  The method of interviewing and teaching will be tested in the recruitment process, this rule will also apply to private schools. 

🔴 To keep the number of teachers in subjects sufficient  , Especially art, physical education, vocational education, language teachers can be recruited in a school or school complex, and their partnership can be done. 

🔴 Local eminent persons who are proficient in a local art will be placed in the school as special instructors. 

 🔴 In the next 2 decades under the procedure described above  Recruitment process of teachers of all disciplines will be ensured. 

 🔵 To create a better educational environment in schools, the school's physical resources, toilets, clean drinking water  , Clean room for studies, electricity, computer, internet, furnishing, meeting arrangements etc. will be improved. 

🔵 Teachers will be kept away from non-teaching activities  .  They will be forbidden to do such tasks which are not directly related to teaching.  In particular, teachers will not be engaged for more than the minimum time for complex administrative work, mid-day meal work which will not affect the teaching work. 

🔵  Continuing wide opportunities for self-improvement and innovation will be given.  Online modules will get more attention so that a teacher can share his innovation with others. 

 🔵 The best teachers will be encouraged, this promotion and  Will be in the form of increment.  Teachers doing special work will be given opportunities for promotion to the highest level on the basis of merit.  

 🔵 Special teachers will be recruited under the prescribed procedure for education and proper development of differently abled children, so that the overall development of these children can also be done. 

 So here is the summary that what is special for teachers in the new education policy 2020,  Here we will see about the transfer process.  This means that the excessive transfer process will be stopped, which does not mean that there will be no transfers, they will happen and there will be an online arrangement to be done with transparency in a fixed period.  Just like there are transfers in Kendriya Vidyalayas every 3 years.  

The other thing that is important is that teachers will not be engaged in non-teaching tasks, many people were explaining this that now the teachers of MDM will not do it,  While this is not so, it is clearly stated that the minimum time for this work is set in the prescribed time.  

 So if you have any question in your mind, then write us in the comment box, we will answer your questions correctly.  I will try to find and give it to you.

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