Kataramal: India's second largest surya temple

Kataramal is the oldest sun temple and the second largest sun temple in India. It is situated on a peak in the village of Uttarakhand in Almora district on the side of the Kosi. Because of the temple, people know this place in the name of Kosi Kataramal. 17 km from Almora Nagar is situated on a hill. At present, the road has come up to the temple, which has become easy. But far a few years ago, the road was only up to 3 km pedestrians from there and they could also reach the hill and reached the temple and Divine philosophy could be done.

  Katarmal temple was constructed by the Katyuri Dynasty, the sixth century was mid-in the ninth century. This is one of the highest temples of Kumaun. This is the best sample of ancient architectural arts and craft art. The main temple is quite huge. Its dome has now been fragmented, yet its vastness estimates itself looks easy to see its fragmented peak. There are 45 small other temple groups with the main temple. In which other goddess deities reside.  Some parts of the fragmented peak of the main temple are still scattered only in the temple courtyard. Seeing the way, it is surprising that how many big rocks have been reached to be so high peak. 

This will have been a special technical technical person who today we see in the form of a large crane. The entrance of the main temple is also a great sample of wood art.  Every year, on the first Sunday of the morning, there is a huge fair in the temple courtyard. In which there are many devotees gathering from the people of the nearby village. On the empty land part of the temple, it becomes a big stroke which is distributing as offerings in the people after the sun God is distributing. Psalm kirtan is done by people. The people of many villages are also singing for junky chachari. At present, the fair has changed its nature, now the jhota chachari is less heard. When the first ray of the sun falls on the temple on the first Sunday of the month, the sun is anointed. The sound of the conch and bells seems to resonate and there is a divine sensation.  To reach here, you will get the most close airport Pantnagar. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam. From there, almora or Ranikhet will have to come from the road and then you can reach a corpse from the road. If you want to go to a walk from Kosi then you can reach the temple after climbing a 3 km. The place in the walk is popping up to recreate place. You can also enjoy natural conservation inside. In place, people have been made home for beautiful beautiful sparrow on trees. Apart from this, you can directly reach the main entrance of the temple from the vehicle, where the main temple is located 200 meters away.

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