Rakshabandhan festival: festival of unwavering love of siblings

The festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Shravan, a festival of unwavering love and faith of siblings.  The practice of this festival is centuries old.  There are many stories related to the festival.


 We are bringing some mythology to you.

 It is said that in ancient times there was a Mahadani king in the demon clan whose name was Bali.  Maharaja Bali started 100 yagyas to get the throne of heaven.  Devraj began to throw Indra's throne.  All the gods became frightened.  Then they all went to Brahma Ji for protection.  So he told that all of you go to Lord Vishnu, now only he can protect you.  All the gods went to Lord Vishnu and started seeking protection from him.  Then Lord Vishnu took the Bamana avatar and when King Bali finished the yagya and donated it to the Brahmins, he reached to take the donation.  He told the king that I do not want any diamond gems or other wealth in charity.  I just need 3 steps of land to make my hut.  There was also Daityaguru Shukracharya, he recognized Lord Vishnu.  So he wanted to stop King Bali, when King Bali was about to take 3 steps of land to Baman to take the pledge to take water from the kamandal, then Guru Shukracharya entered the mouth of the kamandal so that the water could not come out, then Baman avatar  After taking the wood of Kush and put it in the mouth of Kamandal, from that time one eye of Shukracharya got fired, and he came out.  King Bali resolved that I give Baman the 3-foot land to be measured by himself.  At the same time the form of Bamana which was now equal to 1 small child began to grow, and the size of Bamana Lord started spreading to the space, after that Bamana Lord measured the whole earth in the first step, and heaven in the second step.  King Bali had now recognized Lord Vishnu.  After this, Lord Vishnu said, O Rajan, where should I put the third step in now?

 King Bali sat down bowing his head in front of God and said that God, you keep the third step on my head.  God placed the third turban sacrifice on the king's head and brought him to Hades.  The Lord King was very pleased with the sacrifice and asked him to ask for any boon.  Then Raja Bali asked for a boon, Lord, you have sent me to Hades, then I ask for this boon that you should always be with me in Hades.  And God said the object.  Since then Lord Vishnu started living in Hades with King Bali.

 On the other hand, Mata Lakshmi's mind started getting distracted that now Lord will always remain in the Hades.  Then one day, on the full moon day of Shravan, Mata Lakshmi went to King Bali and tied him a rakhi and made him her brother.  She brought her husband to heaven as a gift from her brother.

 So since then this holy festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated.



 There is also a second story which is an incident from the Mahabharata period.  When the Pandavas had made their kingdom at Indraprastha, then Dharmaraja Yudhishthira conducted a Rajasuya Yagya in which the king Maharaja of many countries was invited.  There the king named Shishupala insulted Lord Krishna and abused him.  Then Lord Krishna told him that I will forgive you for 100 lanes and not after that.  But Shishupala did not stop and as soon as he gave more than 100 abuses to God, he immediately took out his Sudarshan Chakra and killed Shishupala.  But in all this, the finger of God was cut off from Sudarshan and blood started coming out.  Then Panchali Draupadi tore her sari and tied it in Krishna's hands.  That day was the full moon day of the month of Shravan. God gave the gift of this benevolence to Draupadi when the Kauravas started dragging Draupadi to disarm her in a heavy assembly.  Then Lord appeared there in an invisible form and Draupadi's 5-yard sari became several miles long which could not be pulled by the misery and Draupadi's shame was saved by Lord Krishna.

 The festival of Rakshabandhan is said to have been celebrated since then.

 Apart from this, there are many other stories which are related to Rakshabandhan.  But whatever the reason, this festival is dedicated to the immense love and dedication of siblings.

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