Solar eclipse and mythological beliefs

On 21 June 2020, the solar eclipse will be visible from many parts of India.  You guys must have prepared to see it.  You should never see the eclipse with naked eyes, you must know this, especially the solar eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes at all.  Because at the time of eclipse from the sun, very harmful rays come out which cause great harm to our eyes.  Let's do all these things again, first we come to an ancient story which tells how the solar eclipse takes place.  After that we will also discuss the scientific aspect.


 So the story begins when the sea churning took place at the time of Devasur Sangram.  At that time, the gods and the demons together churned the sea.  Every decision that came out of the sea would be made equal among the gods and demons.  The poison named Halahl also came out of this ocean churn, which started showing its wrath as soon as it came out.  Fauna, trees and plants started to get depleted by its effects.  Then everyone called Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva drank all the poison for the welfare of the world, and stopped it in his neck, so that he was called Neelkanth.

 After this, many gems were found which in turn were split by the gods and asuras.  Finally Dhanvantari brought the nectar urn.  So the demons ran after them to snatch Amrit from them.  In the same Bhagabhag, a few drops of nectar fell on the earth.  Where Mahakumbh is held every 12 years, and Ardh Kumbh is held every 6 years.  Now comes the true story of Amrit.  At the same time, Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini to save the nectar from the demons.  All the Asuras became fascinated by the saintly form of Lord Vishnu.  And released the nectar.  Mohini took Amrit Kalash in her hands, and told the demons that she would give Amrit to everyone.  It will be divided equally between the gods and demons.  Then Lord Vishnu cleverly started drinking nectar to the gods and liqueurs to the asuras.  An asura suspected something and disguised as a deity and sat among the gods.  And as soon as he got the nectar he drank, immediately Suryadev and Chandradev recognized him and immediately said that it is the demon who drank the nectar.  At the same time Lord Vishnu cut his throat with the Sudarshan Chakra.  Because he had drank nectar, he did not die but his head and torso were alive despite being separated.  His head is called Rahu and part of the torso is called Ketu.  He told Surya Chandra that he would take revenge from them and eat them.  After that he ran after them.

 So it is said that just after that day, whenever he swallows the sun, if he swallows the solar eclipse and the moon, then the lunar eclipse takes place.  Because the part of his torso is different, after some time, the sun and the moon come out from under his neck and the eclipse ends.

 So this is about eclipsing mythological beliefs.

 Now scientists also discuss the reasons for eclipse.

 It is said about the solar eclipse that when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, then a solar eclipse is formed.  A full solar eclipse takes place in the part of the Earth where the full shadow of the moon falls, and when the shadow is not complete, it is called a partial solar eclipse.  It is also special with solar eclipse that solar eclipse takes place only on the new moon.

 Talking of lunar eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon during the lunar eclipse, due to which the sunlight does not fall on the Moon.  Because the moon does not have its own light, it shines only with the light of the sun, so when the earth comes between the sun and the moon, if the sunlight does not fall on the moon, then it is a lunar eclipse position.  If the Earth's shadow falls on the full moon, it is called a full lunar eclipse, and when the Earth's shadow falls only in part, it is called a partial lunar eclipse.  The lunar eclipse occurs only on the full moon day.

 So we have told you the ancient belief and modern scientific reason related to eclipse.  Apart from this, different religions may have different stories.  But since ancient times Hinduism has associated events with scientific reasons.  Like it should not come out at the time of eclipse.  Before the eclipse, the tradition of obeying his sutak, not eating food at the time of eclipse, bathing after eclipse, all these things which are in our scriptures also speak about these scientists, because to avoid the harmful rays coming at the time of eclipse.  This is the remedy that was spoken thousands of years ago in our Hindu religion.  Today the same things are proved right from the scientific point of view as well.

 So let's experience the eclipse and tell us by commenting whether you saw the eclipse or not.

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