Privatization of Government machinery: the challenge of development

We are currently looking at a different methodology.  The government is privatizing all government departments and it is being argued that such a government department is going into a loss.


 So is privatization the only option for any government system to recover from the deficit?

 Can we get development from this?

 Will the public benefit from privatization?

 So before answering all these questions, you think of a world where everyone is in private hands.  Lets not take this much, we just take the example of the hospital here first,

 Think that all government hospitals are handed over in private hands, if large government hospitals are handed over to private institutions, will we continue to get all these facilities there as before?
 No, then the public is still plagued by the robbery system of private hospitals, so think if there will not be a government hospital where the poor and poor people are treated free of cost and the lives of millions of people are saved everyday, the poor people will not be able to get treatment again.  .  First of all, you have to make a nominal form, that is, before depositing, deposit the money, if the doctor in the hospital sees you, then his money, the medicine which is still available for free in the government hospital, is the same medicine in the same hospital.  Will get  After this, if it is the turn to be admitted to the hospital, the cost of the bed will be separately.  Overall, if the government hospital is privatized, then only the public will suffer.  The government says that we will get more revenue, but it does not say that it will be the life of the people.

 I have given only the example of the hospital here, similarly all other government systems which are being privatized will only benefit some capitalists.  The condition of the public will be worse than before.  And the poor and middle class come in the public who will be most affected by it.

 Therefore, the government needs to churn deeply on the idea of ​​privatization.  And there is a need to put more emphasis on how to improve the government machinery itself.

 The whole public is aware of the robbery system of private institutions, yet the government is handing over the necessary government mechanisms to these people in private hands.  This is not true for a country like India.  There will be serious side effects of this kind of experiment here.  The government needs to rethink whether its decision is correct.  I will forward this discussion to you in the next blog.  Till then you like it, share it so that information can reach as many people as possible.

 Thank you.

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