NPS vs OPS: who is more suitable

In our previous blog, we showed the calculation of pension after NPS in a very simple way, if you do not read them, then go to this link and read it, then it will be easy for you to understand.  Whoever had read that previous blog, read it completely.

 So we told you how a person who serves for 28 years and in the end the pension he will get after 28 years will be maximum Rs.  So after 28 years from today, you can easily think of how much value of 4000 rupees will be.  Let us now have a look at a simple calculation of OPS.

 Suppose an employee who gets old pension deposits an amount of Rs 10,000 in his GPF account every month, then if he has 30 years of service, then the total amount deposited by him will be -

 Rs 3600000

 If the interest received after 30 years is calculated then it becomes almost -

 Rs 2909000

 Suppose the income tax paid by the employee at the rate of 10% on the amount of GPF from his salary, then reduce it from interest and see the total profit.

 3600000 + 2909000-360000 = 6149000 Rs.

 A total of 6149000 (sixty-one lakh twenty-five thousand rupees) employees will get full.  So this is almost double the contribution given by the employee.

 Now, if we calculate the pension, then there is a general rule that about half of the salary of an employee at the time of retirement is made.  Now, if the employee gets a salary of Rs 60000 when he retires, then his monthly pension will be around Rs 30000.

 Now think for yourself what benefits the employees have.  Where after the employee's contribution of Rs 28 lakh in NPS, he got only about Rs 29 lakh and his family pension became only Rs 4000 monthly.

 The same second and one employee who comes under OPS collects a sum of Rs 36 lakh and takes 61 lakh and also takes a respectable family pension.

 So now you decide yourself which is best NPS or OPS

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