Forest Fire: Destruction of Nature

Every year we see that in newspapers, in news channels that there was a fire in the forest of this region.  Many forests are completely destroyed by burning.

 But why?  how?


 If we look at this, we see that as the summer starts, there is a fire in the forests.  But who fires it.  This fire is planted by someone among us who probably does not know how much damage he is doing to nature.

 Some people accidentally set this fire on purpose.  For example, camps are often organized in the forest during summer.  Some people stay there at night and have campfires.  After which they do not extinguish the fire well and the forest catches fire.  Or maybe someone walks around in the forest throwing a bidi or cigarette and catches fire in the dry leaves.  Which then takes the form of a claim.

 Apart from this, there is a reason for the fire in the forest that some mischievous elements deliberately set fire to the forest and run away.  Don't know what they get by doing this, but they commit these crimes.

 Another thing that comes here is that some people argue that when the foliage falls in the forest, setting fire on them makes the grass look good during the rainy season.  But they do not understand how much valuable property is lost by setting that fire.


 Now we talk about how to avoid it.  So to avoid this, first of all people have to be aware, they have to make them know how much damage is due to fire.  Today all people are educated and intelligent.  So they will understand this very well and besides being aware they will also make other people aware.  If a picnic is celebrated in the forest, there should be a strict prohibition on setting fire.  People visiting the forest should not have flammable items like cigarette match lighters.  With this we can save the forests to a great extent.  People should be made aware that if someone finds a fire in the forest, stop it and if they do not stop, then inform the forest department or local administration.  And the government should take the harshest action against such people.  Along with this, arrangements should also be made to give prizes to the person giving the information.

 This year we saw that there was no forest fire.  Because there was no movement of people around the forest due to lack of tourism, there was no fire in the forests.  The atmosphere became absolutely pure.  Where there was mist in all the mountains in summer, the front hill was not clear.  If you look there this year, the distant Himalayas are also visible and clear.  We are seeing beautiful views of nature.

 One more thing, people who argue that the grass looks good in the rain by setting fire in the forest, then I would like to say to them that it is better to put those leaves of the forest in one place and their other works  Do the experiment  Believe the grass will look good.  Very good.  Along with this, trees with many medicinal properties will also be protected.  Which are used as medicine in the treatment of many serious diseases.

 So once think that it is our duty to protect these forests which give you life.

 Let us pledge that we will do everything possible to protect the forests around us, and plant at least 10 trees every year in the vacant land.

 We should try to save life in a green earth.

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