Education system is in a bad Condition

Today we talk about Uttarakhand's education system, how Uttarakhand's education system has collapsed today and who is responsible for it.  Today we will discuss some solutions to this.

 Let us first talk about the condition of government school.  Today the student numbers in government schools are decreasing day by day.  School buildings have also reached a shabby condition, in many places the condition of buildings has become such that there can be a huge loss of life and property.  Still some school buildings are in very good condition.  Somewhere the government has also built new buildings in the school.  Talking about the schools mainly in the district headquarters and tehsil headquarters, they have good pucca buildings.  And there are other features.  Adequate seating furniture is also available.  Today, however, furniture has been made available in almost all schools, and the government has been supportive in this, as well as local public representatives have given special support for the availability of furniture in the school.

 So in the name of facilities, if we start with primary schools in government schools, then let's talk about their status.  There is a shortage of buildings near primary schools.  Because every village has primary schools.  In which many children also study.  Many primary schools have closed due to low student numbers and many are on the verge of closure.

 The government has given many functions to government primary schools and there is not even enough teachers available.  Most primary schools employ only 1 or 2 teachers, and it is not enough for a teacher to teach so many classes.  Apart from that, the teacher has other departmental work, and so on and outside the department.

 The same is true of secondary schools.  There are not enough teachers there either.  Many schools do not have teachers in important subjects like science and mathematics.  There is a science class at the intermediate level, but teachers have not been appointed in the important subjects of science, physical, chemistry, biology, mathematics.  Alternative subjects have not been arranged for art students.  There are also many schools which were formed before 1990 and were created, but till date they have not been appointed.  If the teacher who is the doer of any school is not appointed in the same schools, then how will the education system improve?

 Even if there are teachers, there is a burden for them other than teaching.  And this is the condition of all schools from primary to secondary.  Teacher has to do census, teacher has to calculate cattle, teacher has to make Aadhaar card, teacher has to calculate mid day meal, teacher has to open bank accounts, teacher has to feed insecticide, teacher has iron iron  The acid pill has to be fed, the teacher has to protect the school as well, to attend the non-urgent meetings to be held repeatedly, to get the departmental information from the Whats app and to make them then go to the officer's office and submit it too hard.  And in soft copy, many times a year have to undergo non-essential training, there are many types of days to be celebrated several times a year, essay competition one day a week, one day speech competition, one day quiz, sometimes art competition, sometimes  Plantation, ever rally, this is all to be done.  After all this, if there is time left for studies, then teach.  And in the end how was your result, why was it less, the same questions will be asked.  In such an environment, even if a teacher still teaches his students, and the one who does so is a government teacher.

 Now see all this for private schools, there is enough resources, teachers, facilities.  But because of that.  They are because of parents.  Now today the same parents are saying that private school fees should be waived, but from where will the salary of all the teachers who are making the future of your children, nobody thought.

 Private schools charge arbitrary fees from parents so there are facilities.

 Now notice one thing, the government can provide all the facilities in government schools, but parents have to show awareness for this.  Like they appear in private school.  When parents are called to a meeting in a private school, the guardians of all the children arrive and go there and pay for the expenses of the meeting themselves.  But it has been observed that when the parents are called in a meeting in a government school, hardly even 5 parents arrive.  How will the government wake up when the parent is not aware?  There is an urgent need to be aware of hawak in government schools.

 Recently, the Honorable Education Minister had given a statement that those who cannot attend private school, then they should get admission in government school.  So many people gave their opinion on this matter, everyone became knowledgeable.  And started saying bad words to the education minister.  Shouted a lot at this time.  Hey, send the child to government school.  Then just as you see how much a child is studying in a private school, what is he studying, in the same way, look at a government school.  Attend the meetings to be held there.  All the parents should meet the public representatives together.  Pressurize the government to provide all facilities in government schools.  When the student numbers increase, the government will have to bow down and the condition and direction of government schools will improve.  In vain, people keep making the statement that for the government employees, first take out orders that they will teach their children in government schools, we will also teach the tab.  Hey, you should teach those who are competent in a government school, let them go to a private school, after all there is employment of many people.  But those who cannot afford the huge fees of private schools, they should get children admitted in government schools.  And pressurize the government to provide all the facilities to the school.  At our behest, we have given admission to reform government school.

 But not to do evil to the government school.  And if there is such a good education in a private school, then why do children need tuition from the same teacher who is teaching them in school.  Why is it important to call at home tuition while you are still studying in school?

 Nobody thinks these things.

 There is a lot to write, but this much for today, you will continue to get our views on education.  You stay connected with us  Subscribe to this website by clicking on the subsribe link given at the top.  And enjoy the best articles that are written on social problems and they are also diagnosed.  Let's do the rest.


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