Corona: Global Pandemic (How to Avoid?)

Corona has emerged as a global epidemic.  What is this disease, why is it so dangerous

 How did a small virus put the whole world in danger?  Today we will try to give you information about some such things.


 As we all know that this disease started in China and is causing terrible destruction in the whole world today.  According to all the information received from the World Health Organization and other organizations, it is a rhino virus which is not easy to destroy.  It mainly affects our respiratory system.  And many people have died prematurely from infection with this virus.  Symptoms take up to 14 days after infection with the virus, depending on each person's immunity.

 Cough, cold, fever, difficulty in breathing are some of the common symptoms of its infection.  And its infection spreads from person to person very easily.  It is such a contagious disease that the patient is in danger of spreading due to contact with the objects touched.

 Now the question comes how to avoid it.  So the most effective way to escape is information.  If we should know the ways of its spread, then we can easily avoid it.  From time to time, new information is given to us by the Health Department, if we follow them, then we can avoid them very easily.  We tell you some information and precautions, by following which you can avoid the infection of this disease by living a normal life to a great extent.

 First of all, do not leave your house if it is not necessary, only for the necessary tasks.


 If it is necessary to leave the house, wear a mask, do not leave the house without a mask.  Masks can be of any kind, you can also use masks at home.  Now some people here say that a simple mask made at home can stop the virus?  So let us tell you that this mask protects you from virus infection. In other way, if we do not wear the mask, then it is possible that we will put our hands on many items in the market and it may be that we may accidentally snatch it.  Apply it, and its infection through the nose is very fast.  So any kind of mask, it can work to a great extent the risk of infection of corona virus.

 Now we come to the next caution, that is social distance.

 Whenever we go out of the house, today, keep as much distance as possible from the nearby people and if this distance is more than 2 meters, then it is very good.

 The next precaution we have taken is not to get hands.  If any person meets us, we have to keep a distance from it and stay away from shaking hands.  To avoid this, you can adopt the tradition of Namaste with folded hands according to the Indian Hindu method.


 Next caution whenever you go out of the house and come back, try to open your clothes outside the house.  Clean your hands and feet with soap or handwash as soon as you get home.


 On the one hand, caution is to use an alcoholic sanitiser where water and soap are not available.  If you leave the market with a sanitiser with you, it will be better.  Come to the market anytime, touch an atm or shop or anywhere, then use the sanitiser in your hands.

 So these are some precautions that we can easily follow to avoid the corona virus and live a normal life like before.

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