Avoiding Corona: What to do, what not to do.

Corona, a dreaded disease.

 How to avoid, what to do and what not to do, all these questions and we are trying to answer them here.


 First of all, know what the hell is this corona?

 So, we have already given some information about Corona, today let us tell a little again.  Corona is a disease caused by a virus infection called covid19.  And the infection of this virus is very easy.  Some methods of infection are as follows:

 1- By coming in contact with an infected person.

 2- By using the vessel used by the infected person.

 3- By talking more closely with the infected person.

 4- By touching something touched by an infected person.

 5- If the door handle is also touched by the infected person, then if a healthy person touches that handle later, it can also become infected.

 6- By using the toilet used by the infected person.

 7- If an infected person is traveling in vehicles, then there is a risk of infection by traveling in the same vehicle.

 8- Infection can occur due to coming in contact with any object in direct contact with the infected person.

 So these are some of the reasons that cause infection.  Overall speaking, there is a risk of corona infection by coming in contact with the person or anything that they touch.

 So now it comes to know how to avoid it?

 Now the lockdown has happened for so many days, but slowly things are going back to normal, but the speed of its infection is increasing very fast, so now the need for caution is very high.  Now it is not as if we are sitting in homes.  One has to go to work, and so is the risk of infection.  So to avoid this, there are some precautions that we need to pay attention to.

 1- The first precaution is to not leave the house unless absolutely necessary.

 2- Employed people have to get out of the house, then they will need to be more careful.

 3- Whenever you go out of the house, wear a mask.

 4- Keep the hand sanitiser with you.

 5- Whenever you touch an item in the market, then clean the hands with sanitiser.

 6- If you work in the office, then wash your hands after touching something there, use soap or handwash to wash hands.  If there is no system of hand washing, then use sanitiser is mandatory.

 7- Must follow social distance.  As far as possible, keep a distance of 1 meter from the work.

 8- Avoid eating cooked food outside.  Make and take food from your home.

 9- When you come home from outside, open your clothes outside.  And on reaching home, take a bath with lukewarm water.

 10- Detol or savlon liquid can be used in bath water.

 If you take some common precautions in this way, then you can protect yourself and your family from the infection of this dreaded disease.

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